We create uniquely branded workplace environments, that celebrate established core equity, while exploring new and innovative ways to translate that identity into the built environment. From space planning, furniture, finishes, signage and artwork, we love to create engaging and thoughtful spaces from the ground up.

Workplace TouchUP may include:
Space Planning

Optimize space planning & Floorplans

Signage & Wayfinding

Exterior signage, interior wayfinding, & code signage

Furniture & Finishes

Furniture, lighting, flooring, and finish recommendations

What to Expect in your TouchUP
Space Audit

Here's how we do it


      Brand & Space Audit 

We set up a 1-1.5 hour consultation with you. where we dive into your existing brand. We dig deep into what drives your business and we focus on your brand equity and partner with our clients to see  how we can discover initial ways to help set you apart in the marketplace and discuss initial ways that may translate into the built the environment.

During a 3-5 day deep dive into the branding, our full team of an Interior Artists will focus solely on your brand needs. Our Graphic, Interior, Team will dive deep into your branding, existing or new space, work on space planning, signage concepts. we will calendar those days where our team members completely focus on your project and during that stage in the process.


      Design Sprint



Now we can help you get your branding and space realized. Everything from architectural drawings, material/finish schedules, Furniture, lighting, custom millwork / other installations, artwork, signage and wayfinding. Well create all production ready schematics and artwork to hand off to our print and production partners or your preferred vendor. 

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