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About our TouchUP

Our Space TouchUP is tailored for small to mid-size businesses.

TouchUP is our way of streamlining the design process. Allow us to focus on the part we love the most, creative implementation. This provides tremendous value in the short term to our clients, by providing creative solutions along with the tools and direction to implement. We would often hear people say, “I would love to work with your agency,” but when they would look at our portfolio and see our client list, they assumed we would be too far out of budget. TouchUP changes that. We minimize the excess cost of projects to help you get the most out of your brand and space.

Big business experience at affordable cost.

With almost 20 years experience working with major brands in retail, workplace, and hospitality, we know what the big corporations are doing and can take those best practices and apply them to your business. We'll share successful key principals we've learned over the years to help make your brand stand out and grow.

We simplify the process for you, saving time and money.

We also realize that for many, approaching and researching a designer or creative agency can be a daunting and often intimidating task. TouchUP can offer full environmental branding agency expertise at a manageable level. Our team of interior designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, architects and craftsman will simplify the process for you and provide complete branding services from web to space, at an affordable and manageable level. We always design with budgets in mind and have been successful in creating cost effective engaging installations and spaces that speak to a brands core equity.

'Pay-as-you-phase' model.

Beginning with our Brand & Space Audit phase, we will show you what we can do. With the flexibility of paying by phase, you are not locked into a long term project commitment, and can start up again at any time. Our goal is to provide maximum impact on the quickest schedule at the lowest cost. 

We want our clients to be our partners.

We are happy to show you under the hood and involve you in our process. We will give you the necessary tools to get your space designed and branded to best suit your needs and provide your business with a visual voice that is worthy of your core principals. We also want to leave you with the tools to continue to grow your brand and help move you forward when we are finished with the project.

/ Our Process : 

Brand & Space Audit


      Brand & Space Audit

​We'll set up a 1-1.5 hour consultation with you, where we dive into your existing brand.

Design Sprint


      Design Sprint

During a 3-5 day deep dive into the branding, our full team of designers will focus solely on your brand needs.




Working with the existing conditions, we can help you get your branding and space realized. 

Let's Get Started

What type of business do you have?


Workplace Environments, Office spaces, etc.


Store Design & Visual Merchandising


Bar, Cafe, & Restaurant spaces


Events, Exhibits &

Trade shows

/ Schedule a TouchUP /

Case Study

/ Punch Buggy Brewery /

We purposefully broke out each phase as a more digestable approach for small businesses to get the large corporation treatment at an affordable price.

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